Achievement Unlocked – Parking In Our Lot!

We made it happen. Just for you! More parking is available at our SE location! Park here for no stress parking. Share a VERY short walk with your kids (read quality time) down the sidewalk along SE Holgate. Around the corner along Milwaukie Ave. to Trackers HQ.

Yes, this is the Trackers Parking lot of your dreams. If you ever showed up at Trackers and needed to wait for a parking spot, no more! Follow these directions to the best spot ever.

Find the lot at the COLORFULLY painted former restaurant. You can enter from SE Holgate Blvd by the following options:

  • Approaching West on Holgate. Turn directly in the lot.
  • Approaching South on McLoughlin Blvd by taking the Holgate Blvd exit with the protected light.
  • Approaching North on McLoughlin Blvd by turning directly onto Holgate Blvd and then directly into.

This incredible, additional, spacious lot is located on the corner of SE Holgate Blvd & SE Mcloughlin Blvd (99E): 4534 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Portland, OR 97202. See Map.

Yes, there is still parking right near Trackers. We would love for our community to prioritize those spaces for community members who really need them!

If you don’t use this lot and you can, we will be sad.

For those with older campers (ages 10 & older) you can sign a waiver allowing Independent Release.

How-To: Self Check-In & Check-Out

Please log in here and go to “Manage Independent Releases” to fill out the online form. This waiver will apply to all future programs.

We look forward to seeing you!

Trackers Earth
(503) 345-3312