Trackers Songs

Rock Out with Trackers! Here at Trackers Earth we are always working to take our skills training and nature connection beyond camp. From our journals

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Set Up A Secret Camp in Your Backyard

What in the world is a “Secret Camp,” you ask? It’s a place where your child (or you) can go—any day, every day—to be outside in nature, to explore, and to practice the skills we teach at Trackers. A Secret Camp can be anywhere there are plants, sky and nature. Close to home is convenient, your backyard is ideal, but even a windowsill will do. Creating a Secret Camp is a way for kids to get to know one small place very well, deepening their connection to that place and to all of nature.

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The Trackers Journal (and how it gives you superpowers!)

Hi, I’m Michelle and my kids went to camp at Trackers for a total of about 10 years. They did everything from archery to supervillain cosplay to paintball, and they loved every minute of it. I now work at Trackers as the Editor-in-Chief, helping create amazing stuff: how-to guidebooks (check out our Knives & Woodcarving book), comics (new edition releasing during summer camp), graphic novels (our first, about Captain Nick, coming summer 2023!), and even Trackers songs (surprise album drop soon!)!

Each Tracker (youth and guide) participating in a week-long program will receive their very own Trackers Journal—the 36-page comic/coloring book each of your kids will get (for free) on their first day of camp. The journal works like a mini graphic novel full of Trackers lore, missions, nature secrets, treasure hunts, and more! It’s also a field guide with illustrations of key plants, birds, and tracks to help youth ID everything they are tracking. Last but not least, it’s an awesome coloring book even adult coloring enthusiasts will envy!

In this week’s Blog, I want to share an eye-opening experience I recently had with our Trackers Journal. Click below to learn how the Trackers Journal is a way to connect and share in the amazing adventures your child will have at Trackers camp.

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Look at That Bird!

To learn the best ways to get kids excited about bird watching and fun birding activities you can do together, I talked with author, nature photographer and bird nerd, Karen DeWitz. Karen has a new book out for kids that focuses on the most common and cool birds here in the Pacific Northwest. Look at That Bird! is filled with fun facts and photos of the birds kids are most likely to see in their backyards. It also gives the important details about each bird and shows kids and families the best ways to spot them. There are also fun, easy birding activities families can do together.

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Finding Fairies

Spring is here! The birds are singing. The frogs are peeping. The crocuses and forsythia are blooming away. It’s a time of rebirth and hope (especially this year). It is also a great time to search for fairies with your kids. Maybe you’re a believer in the Magical Folk, maybe you’re not. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that looking for fairies is a wonderful way to spark your child’s imagination and get them observing and interacting with nature. It’s also a great way to get kids outside for hours of independent, creative play.

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