Because Knives

Trackers Behavior-as-Choice Policy

Our Trackers Behavior as Choice Policy is direct and matter-of-fact:

To stay with the Team, always act to keep fellow Trackers safe and growing.

Because Knives

At Trackers, we keep our expectations high for youth because we do real and challenging activities. We use wood carving knives with other real tools to learn wilderness survival! Teens work by blacksmith forges at 2300° F. Kindergartners light campfires (in winter). And everyone respects the wilds and forest we thrive in.

These things make us different from other camps. We trust youth to act responsibly.

We do not water down the deeper skills we share or the wild places we explore. We believe youth are capable of great things and we dedicate ourselves to that true potential. Nearly every kid can step up to that expectation. They appreciate honesty and trust as we discuss real world results of choices they can make. To maintain this high level of expectation, there are some behaviors we cannot accommodate.

Its About Choice

We recognize everyone makes choices that are personal to their own needs and experience. We don’t define behavior as good or bad. But some behavior choices may simply conflict with the needs of the Team. Remember, your child is part of a team: Every Trackers Team has more than one camper.

We Take Direct Steps

With most behavior conflicts, we use redirection, reminders, or conversation. We can apply natural consequences, like taking a short break after ignoring boundaries. If the behavior choices that conflict with the Team continue, we begin our Fair Share Process.

Fair Share Process

Our ability to guide youth depends on how they align their contributions with their Trackers Team and Village. Guides cannot spend excessive time addressing one participant at the expense of other youth in the program. The Fair Share process begins when a participant makes choices that demand more than their Fair Share of attention.

Please note, we immediately move to the next step if they miss commitments, choose defiance, or misunderstand the outcome of their choices.

Step #1: Commit to Team Participant, Guardians (Parents), and Guides agree together to work towards the well-being of the Team and Village. The participant must write about their renewed commitment to make choices that support and contribute to their Team. Guardians can assist youth who are developing writing skills.
Step #2: Stay at Home The participant stays at home for a time defined by the Guide, during which we require them to write about choices that will help them return.
Step #3: Go Our Separate Ways The participant is expelled from the program, forfeiting any registration fees. Depending on the behavior, they may not return to Trackers Earth programs.


Very few youths choose actions that bring them to step #3 (Go Separate Ways). It’s important to note, dangerous or obstinate behavior can skip directly to any step in the Fair Share Process. While rare, we may require Guardians to Respond Swiftly.

Respond Swiftly

Guardians are required to IMMEDIATELY pick up their child at any site and youth will not return if the following applies:

Stand With Us

We need the active support of every youth, Guardian, and Guide to stand up for these essential goals. At Trackers, we trust kids. Most rise to our high level of expectation and thrive there. Kids come to Trackers to discover adventures they may not find elsewhere. They value the opportunity to do something challenging, real, and meaningful. With clear expectations, youth can safely play and work together as a Trackers Team while learning a timeless craft and care for family, nature, and many generations beyond.