Thursday, August 6, 2020

Trackers Earth summer camps are like nothing else in the known universe. Explore all our 2019 summer camp themes: Wilderness Survival, Farming, Fishing, Archery, Wizards, Ninjas, Secret Agents, Blacksmithing, Rock Climbing, Biking & more!


The basics of blacksmithing began with learning safety. Safety in the shop, safety with tools, in safety by fire. The flow of the shop in working with your colleagues teaches more than just blacksmithing. Learning to use tools focused intact, channeling all your capable strength, his skill applied not only by your hands but also how you interact with the world.

Trackers Earth Camp

Plus, forging your own tools, whether it be a knife for survival skills uses or a Hori-hori  for the garden, creates more than extensions of your own hand and arm, but also of your heart. Blacksmithing is a trial by fire. It can be a journey of self-reliance and resilience.

Learn more about our Portland blacksmithing workshops, including knife and Hori-hori making, plus blacksmithing basics for those just starting out on the Blacksmith’s Workshop page.