Challenging Conditions

Weather, Air Quality, and COVID… Oh my!

We feel one of our core purposes is to educate our participants on how to properly prepare for and thrive in challenging conditions—weather or otherwise. With diligence and a continuous commitment to safety, we can educate everyone on how to adventure successfully outdoors, in all environments!

In some circumstances, challenging conditions may require us to modify normal activities or site locations. When we are unable to modify our normal activities, Trackers may cancel programs and schedule a make-up day. When make-up days are provided, refunds cannot be made available. If changes to programs need to be made, Trackers will make a decision by 6:30 am the day of programming and contact families via text and email.

Every individual has their own comfort threshold. When dealing with challenging conditions, Guardians and parents are urged to use their best judgment regarding their own child.


At Trackers, we have successfully and safely operated programs in all kinds of weather. Our team exclusively uses NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) for the most accurate weather data and predictions. We recommend you rely on this authority as well, as commercial sites may present condition extremes to accommodate public perception.


Heat challenges may occur during summer. With proper adjustment to what we do and where we go, heat challenges can be part of experiencing and adapting to a life outdoors.

Shade, Hydration & Staying Cool
  • Participants occupy cool and shaded areas as much as possible.
  • Shade structures are added to activity spaces not already shaded by trees.
  • Whenever possible, camp activities will be rerouted to water wading sites.
    Participants have access to drinking water at all times, consistently refilling their water bottles.
  • We perform numerous hydration checks, reminding campers to drink water.
  • Activities requiring physical exertion are limited to the cooler morning hours.
  • Participants are constantly monitored for any heat-related concerns.
  • In specific circumstances, we may limit program hours or cancel specific days due to high temperatures and Guardians are notified as soon as possible.


Cold challenges may occur in fall, winter, spring, and even summer. Cold weather is normal for a life outdoors. You simply need to dress properly. At Trackers we embrace the rain, cold, and snow. Check the NOAA weather report before leaving in the morning and dress accordingly. Participants are responsible to come dressed appropriately for the weather. In certain circumstances, we may find it necessary to limit program hours or cancel specific days due to snow or ice conditions related to transportation. Please note, we assess driving conditions within a 4 mile radius of the pick-up and drop-off location. We cannot be responsible for micro-climate (pocket) road conditions relative to individual locations.

Air Quality

Air quality events may occur due to fire, pollutants, or other natural phenomena. We monitor these events consistently. While we are able to take mitigating actions to compensate for most poor air quality events—which could include limiting program hours or canceling—wherever possible, activities are redirected to indoor sites..

  • Outdoor program time is postponed when the Air Quality Index (AQI) for a given location exceeds 150 (considered “unhealthy” by EPA’s index).
  • For air quality events from 101-150, programs function with reduced physical activity.

AirNow is the site we use to monitor the Air Quality Index for each location:


The safety of our kids, staff, and extended Trackers family is our top priority. Since the onset of Covid-19, we have remained open to kids and families, continuously operating our programs. We continue to review guidance from the CDC, state and local health authorities, and recommendations from the American Camp Association to deliver the safest and most rewarding experiences possible. Our programs are designed to be flexible and we will update you if guidelines or policies change. Please contact our Customer Success team with any questions or needs:


We require our staff to be vaccinated. All campers ages 5 and up must verify their Covid vaccination in their Trackers Earth account (see instructions below). Campers ages 5-11 years have until 12-weeks after November 8, 2021 to upload their care. Campers 12 years and older must do so before one week of their first day of camp. Please contact our Family Success team with any questions or to request a medical or religious exemption:

Health Checks

Each morning of camp, before leaving home, take your child’s temperature and check for illness symptoms. Keep everyone healthy, keep kids home when sick.

COVID-19 Exposure

Inform us as soon as possible if you have had a COVID exposure in your family so we can best address how to care for all participants in the group. You can email us at (preferred) or call (888) 998-3903. If you email, please enter COVID EXPOSURE in the subject line to provide proper urgency to our Family Success Team. All identifying information is extremely limited and kept as private as possible when we notify families of potential exposure in their program cohort.

Uploading Vaccine Info

  • To edit a student, click here and log in. A computer is easier than a mobile device.
  • Select Students & Forms and select your child’s name to open their profile.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Medical Information portion of this profile.
  • In the Vaccination Card field, click the Browse button to select the card image. Click Open.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Save Student”.


With consideration of the continued declining Covid case rates and no current state mask mandate, Trackers will not require masks to be worn. Masks are optional.


We maintain small group sizes in stable cohorts. If the program is transported, the group size may be larger during transportation. During transportation, masks are worn at all times and the vehicle is ventilated as much as possible in the given weather conditions.

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