Find A Hearthstone + Trackers Camp

A Quest for Relics!

Tracking is a game meant to inspire adventure and connect youth to nature. Relics are like “game pieces” which we use to play the Game of Tracking. They represent the Trackers Code, along with a reminder to practice certain essential outdoor skills. 

The Three Trackers Relics Are

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Trackers Camp

A Trackers Camp is a place every Tracker finds for themselves where they can observe and connect with nature. Visiting the same place outside every day impacts on how we Pay Attention. While grand wild vistas are fantastic, a Tracker can forge a deep connection with a backyard and neighborhood park. There are several kinds of Trackers Camps, all of them are found outside:

  • Village Camp: Where community and many generations gather.
  • Family Camp: A special place where family gathers together.
  • Team Camp: Where youth in a Trackers Team plays and trains skills together.
  • Secret Camp: Where an individual Tracker goes to connect one-on-one with nature.

Secret Camp – Most Important!

Finding a Secret Camp is invaluable to all young Trackers. While they visit it outside of camp, stepping into your backyard or observing out a window reminds kids we are all connected. It really helps to go outdoors every morning and evening—if even just for a moment.

Trackers Tip
Choose a close and convenient location for your Secret Camp. It needs to be easy to get there every day. It can be in a nearby park, your backyard, or even looking out your window!

When you find a Secret Camp, you’ll also find a Hearthstone. This is the first Trackers Relic that helps us return to our Secret Camp every day.


Every Trackers Camp has a Hearthstone. Village Camps might have a grand hearthstone. While a Secret Camp has one that fits your pocket. The Hearthstone helps a Tracker remember their connection to family, nature, and many generations.

Secret Stone (from your Secret Camp)

When coming to camp, it’s very useful to have a Secret Stone that fits in your pocket and hides in your hand. This Hearthstone reminds a Tracker to return to their Secret Camp every day around sunrise and sunset. Here’s how we use this game piece:

  • Every morning the Tracker visits their Secret Camp every morning to retrieve their Secret Stone. They start off carrying it in their right pocket.
  • When they do One Good Turn (good deed) for family, nature, and other generations, they can move their Secret Stone to their left pocket. Doing the dishes counts.
  • In the evening they return their Secret Stone to their Secret Camp.

Trackers Tip
Remind kids that helping with the dishes counts as One Good Turn for family.

Trackers Stick

Every Tracker carries a Stick for traversing, tracking, survival, navigating and more. They also first learn to use a woodcarving knife by whittling on their Trackers Stick. They even train epic stick fighting skills, (safely of course). A Trackers Stick is a constant companion for every adventure.

Follow the Compass

For the Game of Tracking, your child will lay their stick down by their bedside every evening if they followed the Trackers Compass for the day (see below). If they missed a Compass point, they can stand their stick up to remind them to try again the next day.

Before camp, you and your child should find a Stick together. We ask this to keep a sustainable relationship with the forests we hold programs. Every camper should have their own Stick with them on Day 1 of camp. See below for how to find the perfect Stick.

Trackers Kit

The final element a Tracker needs to play the Game of Tracking is their Kit. A Trackers Kit identifies kids as Trackers and prepares them for survival (see the Packing List for your camp). A Trackers Kit is organized and encompasses the clothing and gear they need to adventure in the wilds. A Kit also includes their Trackers Band.

Trackers Band

Every camper is given a Trackers Band on their first Trackers Adventure lasting longer than 3 days. Think of it like a martial arts belt. It is a Tracker’s responsibility to care for their Kit, keeping it neat and all their gear in working order.

Trackers Relic Kit


We hope this helps you and your child prepare for the Game of Tracking—to find the best Trackers Stick to bring to the first day of camp and to assemble an awesome Trackers Kit. Collecting these Relics helps a young Tracker play the Game of Tracking, seeking adventure every day!

Go out and find that Trackers Stick and bring it to camp!