The Trackers Journal

Welcome to Part 4 of what to expect at Trackers this summer. This update introduces the final element in the Game of Tracking: the Trackers Journal. While the Relics are our game pieces for the Game of Tracking, the activity journal is the board.

Remember, if you’re registered for a Trackers program, you will also get a reminder letter specific to your program just before it starts.

What is the Trackers Journal?

This update introduces the Trackers Journal. Each Tracker (youth and guide) in a week-long program that takes place outdoors will receive their very own Trackers Journal. The journal works like a mini graphic novel full of Trackers lore, missions, nature secrets, treasure hunts, and more! It’s also a field guide with illustrations of key plants, birds, and tracks to help youth ID everything they are tracking. Last but not least, it’s an awesome coloring book even adult coloring enthusiasts would envy!

Whats in the Journal?

With a Trackers Journal in hand, youth are called to:


Follow the Trackers Code for Purpose, Compass and Action Call.


Find your very own Trackers Camp where you will connect to nature like it’s family.


Create story maps of the places you explore, and wayfind with timeless tools.


Use Trackers Relics (Hearthstone, Stick & Kit) to play the Game of Tracking.


Weave Story Bundles, earning points each time you share tales of epic camp adventures with a parent, guardian, grandparent, sibling, or friend.

Stare at Dirt!

Develop tracking superpowers by marking the dirt and mastering Wisdom of the Marks.

Be a Weather Nerd!

Use a Weather Compass to track Sun Time, temp, clouds, wind and birds.

Track, Track, and More Tracking!

Discover the who, what, when, why, where and how of an animal track. Use the Trackers Lens to follow creatures and become a high-level Tracker.

Connect With Nature!
Learn to ID birds and wild plants, understand and speak bird language, stealth like an animal, and camouflage to be invisible in the wild.
Grow Your Brain!
Research and create species profiles to stump your friends and train your brain for incredible powers of memory recall..

Bring it Home!

At the end of the week, the Journal goes home with your Tracker. It can be autographed by friends in their Trackers Team, Guides, Guardians (that’s you), and even Elders (grandmas, grandpas, aunties, and uncles). Anyone they share their stories with. If you want more Journals, they will be available from Trackers. The goal is for kids to use their Trackers Journal to create their own independent adventures with friends in the outdoors. Finishing 52 Journals brings you to Trackers Level 2. Upon reaching Level 2, kids get a new Band [[LINK]] and are celebrated at Trackers for their awesome accomplishment!

As always, message us back with questions and ideas and…

Wait! There’s More!

This is the end of our series on the core elements for Trackers Teams, but we plan on sending additional updates that outline how families can play the Game of Tracking beyond camp, at home, and in their community. Watch for future updates!