Trackers Code

The Game of Tracking

Our campers, staff, and parents are called Trackers. Whether we’re fishing, learning archery, or role-playing as a Wizard, we are always Tracking—being mindful, observing the world around us, paying attention to subtle clues, and learning to be truly helpful. A Tracker adventures with their Trackers Team with the Trackers Code.

We call all of this the Game of Tracking, which youth can continue playing at home and with friends.

Trackers Teams

When youth come to our programs, they join up with four to eight peers to form a Trackers Team. Several Teams make up a Fellowship. Together, Trackers Teams and Fellowships seek out adventure.

Trackers Roles

There are four roles in the Game of Tracking:

  • Youth Young people who are self-directed, self-disciplined, and selfless in their Team.
  • Guides Everyone at Trackers who cares for youth. They inspire and guide self-directed Teams.
  • Guardians Parent and legal guardians who help maintain a positive culture for Trackers.
  • Elders The Game of Tracking inspires kids to connect with their greater family—aunties, uncles, grandmas, and grandpas. Each day kids are encouraged to share at least one Tracking adventure story with an Elder.

Trackers Code

The Trackers Code is the heart of our game. All Trackers agree to follow the Code when attending our programs. The Trackers Code is simply a way for kids to learn that having a greater goal in life leads to perseverance and strength. The Code is made up of the Mission, Purpose, Compass, and Action Call.

Trackers Mission

The Trackers mission is simple. It is brave and bold. We let youth know that we care about their future and the future of the world we live. At Trackers, our mission is to:

Save The World!

Trackers Purpose

The Purpose describes the world we are saving with our Mission. It is a map for the Game of Tracking. It By letting youth know we rely on them, we tap into deeper wells of resilience and grit. At Trackers, our Purpose is:

  • Care for Family whatever form it takes.
  • Care for the More Than Human World to include every aspect of nature.
  • Care for Many Generations Beyond Us to value those who come before and after.
  • Care for the Silent & Invisible to create space for that which is quiet.

Trackers Compass

If the Purpose is a map for the Game of Tracking, we find our way with the Compass. At Trackers, our Compass is:

  • Pay Attention to the world and its wonderful puzzles by tracking.
  • Be Truly Helpful to become a true caretaker for everyone.
  • Respect to adapt to the true nature of the wilderness.
  • Remember Our Story to share your adventures with your family.

Trackers Action Call

While a Tracker navigates with the Compass, the Action Call starts us on our journey. At Trackers, our Action Call is:

  • Be Ready by training in essential outdoor skills.
  • Be a Caretaker by caring for other people, creatures, and many generations.
  • Be Gritty by staying strong and persevering whenever challenges arise.
  • Be a Team by working together with friends for the greater good.

Agreements & World Saving

By joining Trackers, youth, Guides, and Guardians agree to follow the Trackers Code. While Tracking is inherently fun and works like a game at our camps, we hope it supports families to deepen their connections and care for each other and the greater world around them. Inspiring kids and families to follow the Trackers Code is how we are helping to save the world!

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