Welcome to Trackers Earth!

Welcome to Trackers Earth!

Where we are ambassadors for a world that needs to exist. A world where humans thrive by connecting to community and family. A world where many generations play and work together and we respect the wisdom of elders. A world where caretaking for the more-than-human world defines all our actions through stewardship. A world where the silent and invisible walk through our dreams and stories.

Get Ready! Trackers camps are an incredible summer journey. One that begins with a fantastic call to adventure to take kids far from known comforts into a place where the wilderness is alive and asking us to be of service. If you choose to heed the call, if you choose to be a Tracker, you are joining a unique and wonderful group of people who are actually trying to save the world. 

We are so excited to welcome your child and your entire family to Trackers Earth and to the Game of Tracking!

Who We Are

At Trackers, we help campers feel like that group of kids wandering country backyards 50 years ago: tired, muddy, wet, independent, and happy from being out in the woods and exploring creeks. We are acutely aware of the real hazards of the outdoors, so we work to keep kids safe but not encapsulated from, nor phobic of nature. We believe children need to develop independence and competency in the wild—not only for their own connection, but also to contribute to their families, future generations, and the more-than-human world. We believe it is okay to be thirsty at times, cold at times, and wet at times. This builds empathy and care for the gifts of life, fostering true adventure and genuine accomplishment. We also believe it is critical for children to feel supported and cared for as they explore their passion for service and responsibility. Through a healthy life connected to  nature, kids can test their limits and discover the great potential of the often untapped physical grit and emotional resilience they possess.

Going Against the Grain

The Trackers Mission goes against the grain of our modern world and the unspoken messages of our modern culture. This can be challenging for kids and adults. At Trackers we believe:

  • Self is NOT more important than family.
  • Youth is NOT the only relevant voice.
  • Humans are NOT the most important species.
  • Consumerism does NOT define our reality.

At Trackers we work to Remember more than 2 million years of human history that prioritized connection to family, many generations, and the more-than-human world.