Student Spotlight: Lucas – Profile of a Young Carver

Last week’s blog was about why you should consider giving your kid a knife. This week discover the end result of that potential gift: you might inspire that kid to become a carver! Meet Lucas, a 15-year-old who has been going to Trackers homeschool classes for the last ten years. He now makes spoons, bowls and other crafts using his favorite Trackers skill—wood carving—and sells them in his Etsy shop!

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A Knife is a Great Holiday Gift

As the gift-giving season approaches, consider giving your kids one of the most useful tools on the planet: a knife! Carving is an awesome activity for kids to do when stuck at home. They can carve inside or outside, alone or with friends. They can create useful tools or creative works of art. You can get a great deal on a kid knife and our carving handbook, Trackers Earth Guide to Knives & Wood Carving at our camp store.

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Car Camping on the Beach

Car Camping for the Whole Family [Part 1 of 2]

Car camping is a lot simpler than backpacking. Anyone can do it. You can pack everything you might possibly need (including the kitchen sink), and if you forget something like marshmallows (or god forbid coffee!), you can zip off to the store. Car camping is a wonderful way to get you and your kids out in nature without having to be an outdoor wilderness expert.

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Dress Your Kid for Winter

Dress for Winter Weather

The changing seasons doesn’t mean you and your kids have to stay indoors. Most of us are sick of being indoors already. You can still get outside to safely visit friends and family and to continue outdoor adventuring with your family. You and your kids will be happier out there if you can stay warm and dry. Check out these tips for staying comfortable in any conditions!⁠

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Backpacking With Kids

Camping in the fall can be great. Crowds are gone. Bugs are gone. Fall colors are glorious. Why not try a family backpacking trip? It’s not as hard as you might think. With a little planning and these tips, you can have a great family adventure and inspire a life-long love of backpacking in your kids.⁠

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