Now STREAMING – Trackers Songs for Kids!

Campfire songs can be campy! But “Trackers Campfire Songs” go beyond camp. We created new songs to teach kids about forest skills, tracking animals, fishing, lighting fires, carving, and avoiding goblins who steal gear. Inspire your kids to learn Trackers Songs before their camp begins!

Trackers Campfire Songs are now available for FREE on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and most streaming platforms. Listen and sing along in the car, in the shower, or even while walking your pet squirrel. Check out all our best “tracks”—pun intended!

Trackers Campfire Songs are catchy and feature something for everyone. Tracks like “I Love It When It Rains” and “Song of the Four Guilds” are certain to be breakout hits for both kids and parents. Also, share your Trackers Songs sing along videos by tagging us – #trackerscampfire #trackerssongs