Our Trackers Village

Trackers Community,

Thank you to everyone who joined our 9-month After School (NE & SE), Weekend Apprenticeships, and Homeschool programs this year. Special thanks to the families who attended last weekend’s potluck at Old Roslyn Lake (aka BREC). Over 200 friends and families enjoyed fellowship around the campfire! Listening to our students’ favorite stories, we felt the insight, humor, and wonder each young Tracker brings. They remind us why Trackers exists.

Family Camping at BREC

At our end-of-year potluck, we discussed future hopes for BREC—the natural area from Trackers camps. We envision a new kind of wilderness park where the community can gather for camping with like-minded friends and nature.

We aim to create opportunities for family camping and caretaking on weekends. Trained Family Hosts could open BREC for community members in a shared camping village. Kids can freely roam with friends while applying skills they’ve learned with Trackers.

To make this vision a reality, it must be co-created as a family-led, family-organized village. If you’re interested in helping cultivate community camping at BREC or want to learn more, please contact me (Molly) to start the conversation.

20 Years of Trackers & Connections

Finally, next year’s After School (NE & SE), Weekend Apprenticeships, and Homeschool programs are open for registration. As part of Trackers’ next 20 years (yes, it’s been that long), we’re focusing even more on our long-term mentoring programs.

Speaking of 20 Years of Trackers, don’t forget to RSVP for our 20th Anniversary Picnic Celebration on September 7. We hope to have a huge community celebration at BREC with old and new Trackers, friends, families, wizards, and more!

See you in the forest,

Molly & Tony Deis 
Trackers Founders & Parents  

And all the Trackers Team!