School Year Program Catalog – Portland

Inspiring Outdoor Adventure, Year-Round

Whether this is your first year joining in Trackers Earth programs or your family is a long-time participant in the Game of Tracking, our community must know we believe nature connection is an ongoing adventure.

Explore all our School Year Programs below!

School Year Programs

Weekday Homeschool Programs

Award-winning Trackers Earth offers one of the longest running outdoor programs for Portland Homeschool families

Homeschool enrichment programs occur 1 day a week, for 7-week terms.

This immersive experience is designed to connect kids to nature and each other

Homeschool Outdoor Adventure

1 Day a Week, 7-Week Terms
Wednesdays & Thursdays
(Ages 5-10)
At our Outdoor Adventure Days, kids share adventures with a team of like-minded peers. Trackers Homeschool is an outdoor experience developing awareness, fortitude, and competency.

Realms Homeschool

1 Day a Week, 7-Week Terms
(Ages 7-17)
Develop your character while developing experience in essential outdoor skills. Become an Elf, Wizard, Ranger, or more! Experience an ongoing role-playing saga that continues the adventure.

Weekend Apprenticeships: Guilds, Art & Outdoor

Trackers Earth’s long-term mentoring programs develop lifelong skills of outdoor leadership.

Weekend Apprenticeships occur one weekend a month from Fall to Spring.

Youth and teens discover their own enriched connection to friends, nature, and community.


Rovers Apprenticeship

(Grade K-1)
Nature immersion with real outdoor skills for young kids.

Realms Apprenticeship

(Grade 2-12)
Create a character. Quest together in a shared story.

Rangers Apprenticeship

(Grade 2-12)
Learn forest craft and survival with wilderness experts.

Mariners Apprenticeship

(Grade 2-12)
An adventure full of boating, fishing & foraging fun along the shore.


Ceramics Apprenticeship

(Grade K-12)
Become an earth bender. Mold clay into beautiful art.

Blacksmithing Apprenticeship

(Grade 4-12)
Train in the craft of blacksmithing. Shape and bend hot metal.

Woodworking Apprenticeship

(Grade 4-5)
Learn the craft of woodworking from expert instructors.


Outdoor Adventure Apprenticeship

(Grade 4-12)
Hike, Paddle & Climb the Pacific Northwest.

After School Art Programs

When school is out, let your imagination run wild.

Get on the Trackers Bus! We transport students to our SE Portland Campus for award-winning after school activities.

1 afternoon a week, 7 week sessions (Fall, Winter or Spring).

Ceramics After-School

(Grade 2-8)
Learn the art of pottery. Coil and sculpt clay.

Woodworking After-School

(Grade 2-5)
Learn the craft of woodworking from expert instructors.

Blacksmithing After-School

(Grade 4-12)
Train in the craft of blacksmithing. Shape and bend hot metal.

No School Day Camps

When class is out, the adventure begins!

During school year holidays, in-service days, and no school days sign up for Trackers Earth award-winning camps!

Winter & Spring Break Camps

Fill your breaks with epic guided quests!

Weeklong Camps featuring immersive themes that reflect the seasons

Winter Break Camps

Our award-winning winter break camps get into the spirit of the holidays.

Spring Break Camps

Learn fun wilderness and folk crafts for the spring season.