Trackers Portland Summer Catalog 2022

Join Trackers Earth this Summer!

Connect with friends while learning real outdoor skills with our expert Guides. Find your adventure in wilderness survival, archery, fishing, and much more. Discover why so many parents and kids choose our award-winning camps.

Explore all our Summer Camps below!


Rangers Rovers

Stealth, Archery & Survival
(Grade K-1) Play games of wilderness survival, train archery, and master forest stealth.

Land of Mems

Elves, Wizards & Dragons
(Grade K-1) Create your character and quest through the Land of Mems

Learn to Ride

Biking, Art & Adventure
(Grade K-1) Learn biking basics from our experienced instructors in a safe and fun outdoor environment.

Spy Academy

Spies, Adventure & Espionage
(Grade K-1) Use your spy skills to thwart the shadowy forces bent on world domination.

Stealth Rovers

Martial Arts, Stealth & Parkour
(Grade K-1) With silence, camouflage and awareness, become a protector of the woodlands.

Wilders Rovers

Animals, Farm & Wild Craft
(Grade K-1) Journey to local farms to meet all the animals of the ranch.

Explorers Society

Lost Worlds, Treasures & Dinos
(Grade K-1) Join Captain find lost treasures, track dinosaurs, and discover adventure.



Stealth, Archery & Survival
(Grade 2-5) Join the Rangers Guild! Train archery, blend in with forest, and learn the ways of the wild.


Fishing, Boats & Foraging
(Grade 2-5) Join the Mariners Guild! Embark on a summertime water adventure.

Boating Adventure

Sail, Kayak & Canoe
(Grade 2-5) Explore local rivers and lakes. Learn essential watercraft techniques and water safety skills.


Animals, Farm & Wild Craft
(Grade 2-5) Join the Wilders Guild!! Get your hands dirty on the farm while caring for animal friends.

Stealth Trackers

Martial Arts, Stealth & Parkour
(Grade 2-5) With silence, camouflage and awareness, become a protector of the woodlands.

Outdoor Adventure

Hike, Paddle & Climb
(Grade 2-5) Hone your skills while adventuring the Pacific Northwest.


Secret Agent Academy

Spies, Adventure & Espionage
(Grade 2-5) Use your spy skills to thwart the shadowy forces bent on world domination.

Captain Nick

Lost Worlds, Treasures & Dinos
(Grade 2-5) Join Captain Nick to find lost treasures, track dinosaurs, and discover adventure while racing against the Contessa, his diabolical and brilliant arch nemesis.

Mystery Trackers

Ghouls, Ghosts & Meddling Kids
(Grade 2-5) All aboard the Trackers Mystery Bus! There’s a ghost to track down and a mystery to solve. Join the Mystery Trackers and reveal the truth as local legends come to life!

Quest of Mems

Elves, Wizards & Dragons
(Grade 2-5) Create your character, gather a party of brave heroes and quest through the Land of Mems.

Evil Secret Agent Academy

Espionage & Sabotage
(Grade 5-8) Join Team Evil and help us conquer the world! We have openings for true genius and talent.


Evil School for Gifted Girls
(Grade 5-8) Offer your talents to a group led by an evil genius! The Contessa is recruiting Gifted Girls to train as top lieutenants in her nefarious special forces.

Mystery Trackers

Farmer Jenkins Goon Squad
(Grade 5-8) Enlist in the Goon Squad to stop those meddling kids! Don’t let the Mystery Trackers foil your dastardly plans. Smuggle those gold doubloons past the Canadian border.



Tools, Carving & Craft
(Grade 4-7) Learn the craft of woodworking from expert instructors.


Nature, Landscapes & People
(Grade 6-9) Tell stories with your camera! Explore urban and natural environments.


Earth, Wheel & Fire
(Grade 6-9) Become an earth bender. Mold clay into beautiful art.


Anvil, Forge & Fire
(Grade 5-12) Train in the craft of blacksmithing. Shape and bend hot metal.


Rangers Leadership

Stealth, Archery & Survival
(Grade 6-9) Train as a Shadow Ranger. Take on a leadership role, testing the Awareness of younger Rangers Teams.

Wilders Leadership

Animals, Farms & Wild Craft
(Grade 6-9) Become a true steward of the land by leading your fellow campers to a closer relationship to plants and animals of the forest and farm.

Outdoor Leadership

Hike, Paddle & Climb
(Grade 6-9) Learn the essential skills of outdoor guiding while exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Boating Leadership

Sail, Kayak & Canoe
(Grade 6-9) Learn to lead a team on the water. Discover how to respect the water, understanding it as a trail to adventure.

Mariners Leadership

Fishing, Boats & Foraging
(Grade 6-9) Become a Mariners Leader. Set sail by the Mariners Map, flowing with the current and discovering the bounty of the water.

Shadow Mems

Elves, Wizards & Dragons
(Grade 6-9) Join an elite guard of brave heroes. Create a character and learn secret lores and skills in full stealth, invisible to the world of mortals.

Climbing Leadership

Rope, Rock & Rescue
(Grade 6-9) Visit epic locations as you journey into the sport and skill of rock climbing.

Paintball Adventure

Stealth Team Alpha
(Grade 6-12) Experience epic battles while you learn to move silently, become invisible, and listen for just the right moment.


Overnight Base Camp

This is Real Camping!
(Grade 4-12) Overnight camps are 100% outdoors and in the fresh air. We camp out under the stars while connecting with friends and nature.

Crafted for middle school and high school Trackers, Overnight Base Camps are set in exciting wilderness locations where we develop true independence and lifelong camping and expeditionary skills.

9-Day Expeditions

Explore, Connect & Adventure
(Grade 6-12) Join Trackers for expedition-based learning and adventure. Travel as a team, camping along the way. Journey to fantastic lands and meet exciting, new people, discovering what they have to teach.

Choose from three Expeditions, each centering around core Trackers Earth skills developed through exploration and discovery.