Summer Is Coming!

You know how the old saying goes: “May flowers bring… Summer is a month away!”

That’s how I felt this morning when I woke up and realized May is here. This is the time of year with a million things going on. Families juggle school assignments, kid activities, and work. Gardens are buzzing with growth. The weather can’t decide if it’s sunny and warm or rainy and cold—maybe both. In the last 24 hours, my kids had five chicks hatch at the farm. Now the chicks, not the kids, live under a heat lamp in my bathroom. Spring is definitely in full swing.

There’s excitement for what awaits while shifting from the school year to the summer season. I’ve talked with quite a few parents ready to launch their kiddos into the summer wilds. Summer is an adventure. Summer is chilling out. Summer is free-range. Summer is gardens filled with veggies and flowers. It’s a season for connecting with friends—new and old. And for Trackers, summer is camp!

Hope to see everyone this summer, whether at a classic camp or our fun weekend family campouts we hope to do. It makes me happy to say, “Summer is Coming!”