Trackers Earth: Teach Kids Grit with the Art of Tracking

The Art of Tracking

At Trackers we teach kids the Art of Tracking, which includes wilderness survival, folk craft, foraging, storytelling, and much more. The Art of Tracking informs everything we do at our camps and programs. It makes the fields, streams, forests, and seas we explore come alive to reveal unseen stories of the Earth, water, and sky. It helps us see and connect to our greater environment in a deep and intensive way. It calls us to observe before making judgments, then to pause and listen with our intuition.

We Do Hard Things! Because… Grit

Because what we do is innately unique and challenging, Trackers programs can feel different from conventional camps. We might visit real wilderness sites—not just parks. We adventure outdoors in all weather conditions. 

We teach skills that can be challenging to learn, both physically and mentally. Skills that most people have forgotten. Skills that might intimidate some people. But at Trackers we have a saying: “Nature Doesn’t Give a Fox (kids think that’s funny)!” We believe the natural world is the best teacher, challenging us to be clever, resilient, strong, and compassionate. At Trackers, we do hard things because that is who we are!

One of the most important lessons nature teaches us is to Be Gritty. Grit helps us connect to wilderness, explore epic places, help those who need us, and weather any storm that comes our way. Grit helps us build confidence and overcome fear. Grit humbles us so we can see the true beauty of the wild. At Trackers one of our main goals is to motivate and inspire kids to Be Gritty. While it may feel hard, it’s far more rewarding (and fun) than always seeking comfort.