The Four Guilds of Trackers

When perusing our website, you may have noticed some intriguing language about Rangers, Mariners, Wilders and Artisans. What are these strange titles, you ask. These are the Four Guilds of Tracking. Each guild is an archetype of Trackers Lore and we use the guilds to divide our camp themes and programs. Rangers camps do Rangers skills, Mariners camps do Mariners skills, and so on.

We encourage campers to try out ALL FOUR  guilds, discover which skills and activities best suit their passions, and choose their favorite guild to align with!

Rangers Guild

A Ranger trains to be Ready. They hold sacred the arts of forest craft, honing skills of wilderness survival, tracking, and awareness. They Pay Attention, acting as the eyes and ears of the Village, living with the land as dappled light. Rangers move invisibly like the Wind. They protect the Village and Care for Family.

Mariners Guild

A Mariner grows to be Gritty. They sail by salty trade and wisdom, fishing, and foraging, traveling by creek, river, and sea. They Flow with the Nature, charting a sunset course by the stars, currents, and tides. Mariners connect with and Respect the Waters. They Care for Many Generations.

Wilders Guild

A Wilder lives as a Caretaker. They tend to plants, trees, and the odd mushrooms, finding ways to regenerate the land. They are Truly Helpful, guiding the needs of the people into harmony with all seasons of life. Wilders root in and Restore the Earth. They Care for the More Than Human World.

Artisans Guild

An Artisan connects the Team. They act as ringmasters of humor, heart, and wisdom, walking bare-of-foot and sleeping under the twilight sky. They share stories to Do It Better, recalling a timeless grief and praise from the stars above. Artisans keep the hearth fire burning. They Remember our Story and Care for the Silent & Invisible.

Joining the Rangers, Mariners, Wilders, or Artisans is the first step towards mastering those skills and honoring your guild.