The Right Camp for the Right Age

Here at Trackers we understand the developmental needs of each child in every one of our camp adventures. Our Guides meet kids where they’re at to have the best camp experience.

When looking for a camp on our website, you will find programs organized into four levels: Rovers (Grade K-1), Camp (Grade 2-5), Leadership (Grade 6-9 – day camp) and Overnight (Grade 4-5, 6-8, 9-12 – residential camp). These levels are designed for different ages and developmental needs. They are consistent across all types of camps and adventures.

For example, our Rangers Guild: Stealth, Archery and Wilderness Survival camps teaches kids stealth, archery and (you guessed it) wilderness survival skills for all age groups. But the way skills are taught is tailored to the specific age of the campers.

  • Rovers Rangers is for grades K-1
  • Rangers Camp is for grades 2-5
  • Rangers Leadership is for Middle & High School grades
  • Rangers Overnight is a backcountry camping adventure for grades 4-5, 6-8 and 9-12.

Pro Tip: For all Overnight Camps, students sleep in their own personal tent!

Another example would be our Realms camps, which teach outdoor skills but in a fantasy role-playing land filled with elves, wizards and dragons. For the youngest campers, there is Rovers Realms. For elementary aged campers, there is Realms Camp. For middle and high school campers there is Realms Leadership and Realms Overnight.

Got it? Read more below about how each program level is geared toward your child’s developmental needs to create the best action-packed summer adventure.

Grades K-1: ROVERS

Join Rovers, where the adventure begins! Our youngest Trackers build comfort, confidence, and connection in the outdoors. Kids explore in a group, creating new friendships. They practice outdoor skills through hands-on activities, using all five senses to engage their natural curiosity. Led by our early childhood outdoor guides, Grade K and Grade 1 Rovers learn in separate groups focused on the developmental strengths of each student.

Grades 2-3 & 4-5: CAMP

In Camp, elementary-aged Trackers develop independence and self-reliance in the outdoors. They learn responsibility and how to contribute to their community. They journey through action-packed adventures, building confidence while connecting with friends. They practice outdoor skills and nature awareness through hands-on activities. Grades 2-3 and Grade 4-5 campers learn in separate groups. Led by our experienced outdoor guides, Camps focus on the developmental strengths of each student.

Grades 6-12: LEADERSHIP

Leadership calls on middle school and high school-aged Trackers to step up and contribute to their family and community. Stewardship is a key element in how they connect with community, nature, and many generations beyond our lifetime. Students broaden their responsibilities and act as role models for younger campers. As they adventure, they cooperate in a team and strengthen friendships. They train in outdoor skills, working to complete more advanced projects. Led by mentors who are experienced outdoor educators, they face challenges that build confidence and expand their connection to nature.

Grades 6-8 & 9-12: OVERNIGHT

Yes, this is real camping! Overnight camps are 100% outdoors in the fresh air. We camp out under the stars while connecting with friends and nature. Each student has their own tent and we eat all meals outdoors. Overnight camps are for middle school and high school Trackers and are set in exciting wilderness locations where we develop true independence and lifelong camping and expeditionary skills.