Trackers Adult Program Catalog – Fall through Spring

Get Immersed in Wilderness Skills

Trackers Earth Adult Programs teach skills that enhance any outdoor adventure. Build preparedness and resiliency with wilderness survival, discover a deeper connection with nature through animal tracking, even master a timeless art such as archery and blacksmithing. 

With single-day classes and ongoing intensive series available Fall through Spring, there’s a weekend adventure for everyone!

Explore all our Adult Programs below.

Single Day Basics

One Day Classes Led by Outdoor Education Experts

Learn the fundamentals of timeless skills in single day classes.

Explore the wide variety of topics from wilderness experts and artisans available throughout the year.

Wilderness Survival - Weekend Wilderness Skills

Survival Basics

Learn the priorities of basic survival: shelter, water, fire, and staying found.

Class of Fire

Create fires safely with a variety of tools and techniques.

Fire Woodworking

Harness fire to create tools and containers.

Nature Awareness - Nature Connection on the Weekends

Animal Tracks and Signs

Enhance your connection to nature by learning about wildlife.

Nature Observation and Mindfulness

Nature connection skills that enhance any outdoor adventure.

Archery and Art - Learn Timeless Crafts on the Weekend

Archery Basics

Learn the basics of archery form, accuracy, and stealth.

Pottery & Ceramics

Craft earth into useful bowls, plates, pots, cups, and art.

Blacksmith Basics

Hands-on art classes with expert smiths