Trackers Bay Welcomes Nick!

Trackers Earth is excited to announce that Nick Williams, a long-time part of the Trackers Leadership team, will assume the role of Bay Area Director this year. We are excited for Spencer Nace, our current program manager, who will be moving onto graduate school in the fall. Both Nick and Spencer are working closely together throughout the summer to ensure a seamless leadership transition. They have a longstanding history of collaboration that dates back to working together as leaders for our Portland programs. Their incredible teamwork has been instrumental in our development and success in recent years.

Originally from Connecticut, Nick spent his childhood exploring the lush, dense woods of New England, where he found a passion for the outdoors and wilderness. He has a professional background in education, music, and theater, and embodies the innovative spirit of Trackers. Nick’s expertise as a performer and storyteller is part of his approach in programs, enriching the experiences of campers and staff.

Nick’s favorite outdoor activities include hiking, camping, and climbing, with a special fondness for exploring new terrains and embracing the adventures that await. He is excited to continue the Trackers tradition of mentoring through hands-on learning, teaching nature based skills, and having epic outdoor adventures. 

Our programs are designed not just to teach wilderness survival skills, but to encourage a deep connection to nature, highlighting the importance of stewardship, resilience, and community. We are excited for leaders like Nick to lead us forward with a commitment to inspiring and guiding our young Trackers on their paths of exploration and personal growth.

To the Trackers families, thank you for being a part of our community and supporting our mission to connect more deeply with the natural world. We look forward to an exciting new chapter with Nick at the helm in the Bay Area and to the continued adventures that lie ahead for our Trackers.