Who is a Tracker?

A Tracker is a kid who trains to read the hidden stories in nature and to master skills of survival and stewardship. As kids become Trackers, they develop these innately human abilities often lost in our modern world.

Be Ready: A Tracker can build shelters entirely from the land, light fires with no matches, and craft tools from the forest. The Tracker is a Ranger training to thrive and survive through minimalism, invisibility, and stealth.

Be a Caretaker: A Tracker can find food in the wild, cook outdoors, and tend to the forest and meadows as a generative garden. The Tracker is a Wilder understanding and connecting with the more-than-human world through stewardship and healing.

Be Gritty: A Tracker can navigate by the sun, stars, and land around them. Through physical and mindful training, they strive to be resilient and strong in any weather, challenge, and terrain. The Tracker is a Mariner, as comfortable on water as they are on land.

Be a Team: A Tracker crafts in nature to create art and story that serves their community. They are strategic thinkers fueled by caring, creativity, and foresight. The Tracker is an Artisan, knowing that the stories we tell shape who we are and the choices we make.

The Tracker walks the edge, searching and seeing things most people miss. Because they are independent and self-directed, they can better care for and contribute to others. Whether it’s a fun adventure, foraging for food, a community service project, or helping an elder; the Tracker has the skills and spirit to accomplish any mission with their team.

This is what we teach: How to find your inner Tracker!