Why Apprentice?

About Youth & Teen Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are our year-round mentoring programs. They take place one weekend a month from September to May. Trackers staff and I truly appreciate this incredible opportunity to go beyond summer, helping kids develop a greater connection to community and nature. We offer options for Grades K-12. This year brings a couple of new features

New Programs Along with familiar favorites such as Wilders Farm Craft; we also offer new programs exploring subjects such as Rovers Arts Apprenticeship and the Trackers Apprenticeship. Also, Rangers and Outdoor Apprenticeship are returning with the popular overnight session! See below for a list of all programs.

More Space Quickly growing into one of our most popular programs, Apprenticeships had a waitlist of over 150 students last year. Because of this interest, we have expanded our capacity for each weekend. While we cannot guarantee there will not be another waitlist, we want to share this experience with more children, teens, and their families.

Why Apprentice?

Finally, I want to talk about how our Apprenticeship programs can help support the families we serve by reflecting on my experiences with my own children in the program.

Friend Connections I have seen kids in Apprenticeships become part of a team and much more. My kids have discovered lasting friendships through sharing these adventures. Many Apprentices return year after year.

Skills & Nature Connection Each Apprenticeship offers its own set of skills, but they also are an immersion that connects kids to the natural world. As kids explore the outdoors and traditional crafts, they learn life lessons of resilience, thoughtfulness, and mutual respect.

Leadership & Mentoring Our long-term goal is to cultivate leadership skills for community and stewardship. Our most experienced educators mentor students to take ownership of their own learning.

Remember to register soon if you plan on joining us. As always, feel free to email our wonderful Family Success team with any questions about the program.

See you in the woods,

Molly Deis

Trackers Founder & Mom
Wilders Guild