Tales From Family Success – We Expanded Parking!

Tales from Family Success

Welcome to our new blog: Tales From Family Success! “Family Success” is our clever name for Customer Service as the team does so much more than answering questions. In these blogs we’ll cover important issues parents bring up and want to know for Trackers programs.

We Expanded Parking!

Plus, just added other camp locations… 10 years ago!

Have you ever embarked on the fantastic challenge of finding parking near our SE Portland location? Have you needed a good cry afterwards? We get it. Parking Camp, as we call it, is tough for us as well. We’re in this great big boat called Portland City Proper together. But we have great news! We expanded parking in SE Portland! Plus, we have other sites in NE and W Portland with existing awesome parking.

First Off - The Newest News!

Parking in SE Portland has been the bane of many parent’s existence. But we’ve finally secured an enormous, awesome parking lot right around the corner—just a 2 minute walk so you can spend quality time with your child (or get your steps in). It has over 60 additional spaces. And this new parking area is just for you. Squeeeee! See the map and read this blog all about how to find it

First Off - The Newest News!

Trackers also has sites in other neighborhoods, too. When we recently announced Lloyd Center was this year’s NE Portland location, we got great feedback. Many parents said they were happy we finally offered a pick-up site in NE neighborhoods. Funny story—we’ve had Trackers sites in NE Portland and W Portland for over 10 years. And they’ve always had great parking! But if you didn’t know that.

It’s Not Your Fault - It’s Ours!

If you had no idea we recently developed extra parking in SE or had camp sites in NE Portland and W Portland (for over 10 years), it’s not your fault. It’s on us. We’re Outdoor Nature Adventure Guides, not web designers! Our website has a lot of verbose information that could be better accomplished by cutting edge 16-bit graphics. 

So we recently upgraded the location picker to catch up with Web 2.0. Here’s how to use it! Scroll down to the picker to choose your camp. Click on the neighborhood you want!

That’s it! Easy paesy. P.S. We wisely made the location buttons look like iOS icons because it’s one of the operating systems our parents use the most—Zune’s being the first.

Why Wait? Park Now

Even if you decide to join our newly (10 years ago) added NE or W Portland sites, you might want to drive by SE Portland to park in the new area for a couple minutes. Just to experience unfettered Trackers parking. Have a cathartic moment. Wash away the past parking grief. Breathe. Just breathe. Better summer camp parking is on the horizon. We’re right there with ya!